BetterTouchTool Notch Bar

Deprecation Notice 06/2023:

The Notch Bar functionality will sometime in the near future be migrated to the powerful new "Floating Menu / Widget" functionality. This should mostly be automatic, but if you start right now, I'd recommend to experiment with the Floating Menu's instead of the Notch Bar.

The Notch Bar was introduced with BetterTouchTool 3.690 and is intended to be a super customizable menubar replacement for any type of Mac. It is called Notch Bar, because it is especially useful on Macbooks with a Notch. notchbar

Also have a look at this recent MacStories article: MacStories: Early Experiments with BetterTouchTools Notch Bar

Example Preset

Here is a small example preset that showcases most of the Notch Bar functionality:

Example Preset Direct Link

Quick Start

  • If possible, please use a dark wallpaper, so your standard macOS menubar shows white icons and white text. In this mode the BTT Notch Bar works best.

  • As soon as you add your first Notch Bar trigger, your macOS menubar will go away. To hide the BTT Notch Bar use the predefined action "Toggle BTT Notch Bar" or right-click the black area.

  • The BTT Notch Bar offers two modes: Widget Mode and Menubar Mode. To switch between modes, scroll up/down on the Notch Bar, alternatively use the predefined action "Toggle BTT Notch Bar Mode" or right-click the Notch Bar.

  • Use the Status Item Widget to show the system's top right status items on the BTT Notch Bar.

  • There is currently a known incompatibility with an app called Magnet. The Notch Bar does not behave correctly while this app is running.

Please use the community platform to learn more or share your ideas / setups:

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