Useful Script Examples

  1. Execute a different action when triggering twice in quick succession.

Execute different actions when executing a once and when executing it twice in quick succession:

Taken from:

This is useful if you want to e.g. have a keyboard shortcut that performs function A when hitting it once and performs function B when hitting it twice in quick succession. Also works for other trigger types.

Assign the "Run Real JavaScript" action to a trigger (e.g. shortcut) in BTT and paste this script.

It will trigger the named trigger defined in line 2, when doing a single press. It will trigger the named trigger you defined in line 3 when doing a double press. It will wait for 0.3 seconds before executing the single press (to see whether a double press will happen) - that time can be changed by modifying line 4.

(async () => {
  let singleTapNamedTrigger = 'SingleTap'; // trigger on single press
  let doubleTapNamedTrigger = 'DoubleTap'; // trigger on double press
  let delay = 0.3; // time to wait for second press

  // no modifications necessary from here
  let now = / 1000;
  let lastTrigger = await get_number_variable({
    variable_name: 'last_key_trigger_time',

  if (now - lastTrigger < delay) {
      trigger_name: singleTapNamedTrigger,

      trigger_name: doubleTapNamedTrigger,
      wait_for_reply: false,
  } else {
      trigger_name: singleTapNamedTrigger,
      wait_for_reply: false,
      delay: delay


  set_number_variable( {
    variable_name: 'last_key_trigger_time',
    to: now,


Note: If you just want to cycle through multiple actions when triggering a shortcut multiple times, use the predefined action "Cycle Through Multiple Actions" instead.

Send A Keyboard Shortcut Via BTT From Within A Apple Script

Taken from

This example would send the cmd+c shortcut to copy something. Using BetterTouchTool for this instead of system events, does have some advantages - for example it will work while other modifier keys are still pressed.

55 = cmd 8 = c

You can find a list of key codes here:

The format always needs to be modifier,modifier,keycode (there can be any number of modifiers but the keycode must come last)

tell application "BetterTouchTool"

    trigger_action "{\"BTTTriggerType\":-1, \"BTTShortcutToSend\" : \"55,8\",}"

end tell

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