A simple example menu that shows various possibilities:

It should look like this: mcc


.wrapper {
  display: grid;
  grid-template-columns: 100px 100px 100px;
  grid-gap: 10px;
  color: #444;

.box {
  background-color: #444;
  color: #fff;
  border-radius: 5px;
  font-size: 12px;
  text-decoration: none;

.box:hover {
    background: red;

#status {
  color: red;
  font-weight: bold;

/* This is called after the webview content has loaded*/
function BTTInitialize() {
  document.getElementById('status').innerHTML = 'did initialize';

/* This is called before the webview exits and destroys its content*/
function BTTWillCloseWindow() {


/* This is called before the webview hides*/
function BTTWillHideWindow() {


/* This is called when the webview becomes visible*/
function BTTWindowWillBecomeVisible() {


/* This is called when a script variable in BTT changes. */
async function BTTNotification(note) {
   let data = JSON.parse(note);
   console.log(data.note, data.name);

     if(data.note == 'BTTNowPlayingInfoChanged') {
       let currentlyPlayingSong = await get_string_variable({variable_name: 'BTTNowPlayingInfoTitle'});
         document.getElementById('status').innerHTML = currentlyPlayingSong;



/* custom set brightness method using one of BTT's built-in dynamic variables */
async function ChangeBrightness(value) {
  await set_number_variable( {variable_name: 'BuiltInDisplayBrightness', to:value})

async function SayHelloWorld() {
  let shellScript = {script: 'say hello world'};
  let result = await runShellScript(shellScript);

async function ShowAppleScriptDialog(title) {
 let appleScript = `
      set theDialogText to "${title}! The curent date and time is " &   (current date) & "."
      set result to display dialog theDialogText
      return result

  let appleScriptResult = await runAppleScript({script: appleScript});
  document.getElementById('status').innerHTML = appleScriptResult;


function closeTheWebView() {
  // every BTT scriptinbg function does close the webview as long as it contains the closeFloatingWebView:1 parameter
  trigger_named({trigger_name: '', closeFloatingWebView:1});

async function getCurrentlyPlayingSong() {
  // this is special - as soon as the BTTCurrentlyPlaying is requested, BTT will start observing
  // media information and call the BTTNotification function above if they changed.
   let currentlyPlaying = get_number_variable({variable_name: 'BTTCurrentlyPlaying'});


<!-- adding BTTDraggable to an element will allow you to drag the window when dragging it -->
<div class="wrapper BTTDraggable">

<!-- The first example uses the bttweb:// link to execute a named trigger which must be defined in BTT. -->
  <a href="bttweb://trigger_named/?trigger_name=test">
<div class="box a">Named Trigger: Test</div>
  <div class="box b" onclick="ChangeBrightness(0.6)">Set Brightness to 60%</div>
  <div class="box c" onclick="SayHelloWorld()">Say Hello World</div>
  <div class="box d" onclick="ShowAppleScriptDialog('hello')">Show Apple Script Dialog</div>
  <div class="box e" onclick="closeTheWebView()">Close the Webview</div>
  <div class="box f" onclick="getCurrentlyPlayingSong()">Get Currently Playing Song</div>
<div id="status" class="BTTDraggable"></div>

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