Clipboard Manager

BetterTouchTool integrates a nice little clipboard manager. You can activate it by assigning the predefined action "Show Clipboard/Pasteboard History" to some trigger in BTT.


  • Tracks your clipboard history and allows you to access everything you copied
  • Can preview all kind of copied files, e.g. pdf, videos, office documents, images etc.
  • Keep favorite snippets forever
  • Search through your clipboard history
  • Allows to edit text inside of the clipboard manager
  • Allows to annoate & edit screenshots and other images
    • This makes for a great screenshot tool if you combine it with the standard macOS "Copy picture of selected area to clipboard", which can be configured in System Preferences => Keyboard => Shortcuts => Screenshots
  • Allows to paste / save as file
  • Comes with a basic set of text transformation functions (e.g. plain text)
  • Since version 3.356 you can define custom Java Script transformer functions , this allows you to transform the text before pasting it.
  • Only on your computer - no data is synced to any sort of cloud

Edit inside of the Clipboard Manger before pasting: clipboardmanager

Preview all sort of copied files clipboardmanager

Edit images: clipboardmanager

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